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New Zealand naturals

Wholesum Japan pop-up shop

Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro 2F 1st

At the close-up stage

February 3  - 9 

 Makirack was used as an exhibition stand in Tokyo.


​Makirack metal box

​Makirack Wagon


Kyoto City S House


House A, Shiga Prefecture


This is also the use of maki rack at the exhibition

Easy-to-carry exhibition stand, truly a carrier

​Can also be used in reverse.

Review from Biostyle Co., Ltd.

①High versatility

・This time, it was used by flipping it over with 1 unit x 4 rows, but by laying a board in front, it was possible to show the product in the form of 2 steps.

・When I decided to install an A1 size pop halfway through, it was convenient because it was heavy enough to stand on two levels instead of an easel.

・The width is just right for a personal computer, so it can be used as a workbench during the day.

  ② High design

・The black iron and dark brown board are chic, stylish but not too conspicuous, and complemented the product.


・It was good that 10 units were put together with 2 cardboard boxes.

・Since there are two parts, I was able to assemble it without hesitation.

Biostyle Co., Ltd.

EC/External Sales Division / Market Division

Firewood can be used as a natural decoration that does not require watering. With Makirack, it can be used as a partition and give any space a stylish and yet cabin-like ambiance.

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