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A "firewood shelf" also a "carrying tool" at the same time.

Before: We had to carry firewood in small amounts by hand to the fireplace from the large firewood rack.


Now: We can use Makirack to quickly take the necessary amount of firewood whenever we need it.


How is Makirack different from ordinary firewood racks?

  • Optimal size so one person can carry several logs at once

  • Lightweight

  • Strong, durable steel construction

  • Stackable (up to four units high)

  • Compact

  • Stylish design

  • Foldable (option)

  • Casters (option)


Although Makirack was originally designed for firewood use, it is also ideal as indoor furniture!

Its stylish look makes it perfect for home and even business use.

Makirack can be used for

  • Books and home storage

  • Plants and gardening

  • Merchandise

  • Office supplies

...and much more!



Makirack was born in Japan, where there are a lot of densely forested mountains. Since ancient times, Japanese people have cut down and replanted trees to protect the forests as well as a means of survival. Of course, modern primary energy sources have changed to gas, oil, and nuclear power. So, the number of people engaged in this type of forestry has sharply decreased. And consequently, Japan now experiences problems such as severe landslides.


Firewood and disposable chopsticks are consumable items that help with thinning the forests and preventing such disasters. Of course, it is not good to waste resources, but at the same time, if the forests are not thinned out periodically as they always have been, we will end up losing our beautiful mountains.


In recent years, Japanese television programs have started covering homes that are deep in the mountains, and the number of people going camping has increased substantially. It feels like we are trying to regain what we lost in the last 150 years.


It's no exaggeration to say that a wood fire gives you a sense of warmth at the DNA level.


Makirack has the DNA of a firewood transportation tool, meaning it can move anywhere and spread its influence everywhere.


To fellow nature and mountain lovers, we hope to share Makirack with you.

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