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It is an all new firewood carrier created out of necessity.

A simple and yet innovative design

What will you discover today?

A new type of shelf

​The carrier is also the shelf

 When you buy firewood from shop, you probably carry a few logs to your fireplace using your hands and stack them one by one.

With Makirack, the carrier is the firewood shelf as it is, so there is no need to buy a separate carrier and firewood shelf. This makes things quicker and more efficient, thus reducing cost.

Benefits of Makirack


Because each segment is narrow, they can be stacked side by side and extended as desired.

Can be used even in narrow spaces

Minimum width is 400 mm (approx 15.75 inches)


Makirack gives you the flexibility to store everything in one place or separately

Make life simpler with Makirack

Benefits of Makirack
Different Configurations

Rather than a traditional rigid firewood shelf, Makirack can easily be configured to suit your space.

Arrange it into a simple linear shape, an L-shape,  a circular arrangement, or any other shape you like! 


​​ Compact and foldable so you can store Makirack away when you don't need it.

Easy to Clean

Particularly in the case of firewood, dirty firewood shelves are difficult to clean and become a home to pests.

Quick First-In-First-Out Stocking  

Since each shelf can be moved quickly, you can arrange the shelves based on which items are oldest


With optional casters, stacked Makirack shelves can easily be moved around the room




INFO@MYSITE.COM | TEL.123-456-7890




INFO@MYSITE.COM | TEL.123-456-7890

Convenience with Makirack

 The user puts the firewood into the carrier, carries it to the fixed rack next to the wood stove, and replaces and loads it again.

Makirack reduces the labor by stacking this work on top with firewood in it.

One of the new features is that the Makirack carrier can be used as a rack as it is.


An all-in-one solution

(The image is an early iteration, Prototype B.)


Since Makirack can be used as a container for carrying firewood, a rack for firewood, and a shelf for various other items, there is no need to purchase each separately.

Environmentally friendly

Instead of delivering firewood in plastic, this carrier makes for a zero waste process.

​ This is a proposal for a completely new cycle carrier .


​Circulation economy

An efficient drying shelf
<Dry well>

Makirack could also be used for drying wood.


During the winter, the humidity inside of the home can be quite low compared to outside.

​ This allows efficient drying of wood which makes for a better fire!

Not just for firewood

When a board is used, Makirack can be transformed into a shelf. Use it for retail display shelves, bookshelves, and more.

Any board with a width of 350 mm or less and a depth of 280 mm or more is OK. Optimally sized boards may be purchased on our website.

Indoor firewood shelf

Makirack can be used outside or inside.

Until now, firewood has generally been only stored outside.

Makirack has a stylish design that looks great indoors. It is also sturdy enough to be used outdoors.

Makirack gives you the freedom to choose whichever you prefer!

New lifestyle

​Enjoy Makirack

Beautiful indoors / Sturdy Outdoors


I discovered that it would become a wagon from the display shelf.

It can be transformed into a way to move small items around the house.

​ It can even become a coffee wagon.

Transform to a coffee table

It can be used as a dining table with two stages of Makirack. H780

<It can also be a chair. >


On Facebook Rocket Stove Association I got a comment from Mr. Nanada saying "Is it a sitting chair!" And tried to sit down. The height is just right for a wood stove. Discovery of Mr. Nanada!


​ A chair with a loose back is not suitable for a wood stove. 

To respond to emergencies such as sparks flying

We need a start system that allows us to move instantly. 

​ Casters are also convenient for moving.

<Optional wood waste holder>

On the Facebook page of Rocket Stove Association thanks to the request of Mr. Kashiwagi, I made a "wood pellet case."

It is a 1 mm iron plate. I paint it in black and use it.

It's very convenient to put anything in it. (Photo above)

It fits snugly in Makirack. ​

More options will come out in the future.

At this time, please be careful about similar products and imitation products.

It may not be possible to set options unless it is genuine Makirack.

Makirack firewood technique

I will introduce a trick only to you who have read until here.

A total of 8 Makirack bases and 4 Makirack bases on both sides

Make a wood shelf with. In the meantime, stack firewood.

You can make a firewood shelf that can store an even larger amount of firewood.

Moreover, it can be expanded freely.

Firewood is supported by its own weight, it is a firewood technique.

Makirack costs 40,000 yen for 4 shelves and about 200,000 yen for 5 rows in total, but for this trick, Mr. Takahashi of the FB Rocket Stove Association came up with 8 units of non-folding type Makirack. You can make a firewood shelf at a low cost of 50,000 yen in total.

With this method, the price is the same no matter how wide it is.

This is another discovery! It's a wood shelf revolution!

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