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​Manners of live firewood Kyoto  Firewood music style

Just as there is a method for fresh flowers that grow cut flowers, there is also a method that makes the firewood that grows on the firewood shelves look beautiful.


First, look for a firewood split that is close to 90 degrees.

Place it at a right angle to the bottom edge of the makilac.


Next, look for something close to 90 degrees on the opposite end and place firewood.


Next, place the firewood between the firewoods with the split surface facing down.

Place the bottom horizontally.



Align V as much as possible with the V-shaped gap.

Komaki is placed on the top.

Look for a 90 degree top corner.

Keep the upper heavens horizontal.


If you can't find a right-angled firewood,

Make something close to 90 degrees with two.


​To finish, hit the entire surface of the protruding firewood with a hammer etc. to align it.

good and bad examples

​What is good and what is bad

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